A Coffee with Yu-En, Insitu Asia

08 January 2018
Yu-En, Insitu Asia

As we slowly embark into this New Year, we share more about the members and the community in District6. Recently, we sat down with one of the analyst from Insitu Asia, Yu-En.

D6: First of all, Yu-En, tell us more about your work.

Y: I am one of the analyst from Insitu Asia. I analyze market information and do an extensive research on tourism insights to site analysis and financial modelling.

D6: That sounds interesting.

Y:  It is. We are always on the lookout for interesting projects. We want to cater to clients who want to break out of the traditional hospitality and tourism industry.

D6: Since we’re embarking on the New Year, what are your personal goals?

Y: Well, to be honest, I would like to be a kinder person. It doesn’t seem like much but I would really like to achieve that.

D6: What else is there to know about you?

Y: Well, I like to play football. Other than that, I do bodyweight exercise and play the piano.

D6: Wow, that’s pretty cool. What’s something that not many people might know about you?

Y: Most noteworthy would be the level 3 certification in Elementary French, it isn’t much (laughs) but I guess that’s something.

D6: Thanks again for sitting down with us. We hope you have a good year ahead!


For more information about Insitu Asia click here.
If you’d like to network with Yu-En, check out his LinkedIn page here!