“Startups + Investors Speed Date” Event

07 December 2017

We had the pleasure of hosting our very first “Startups + Investors Speed Date” event last Tuesday, 28th November.

The event was designed to provide startup companies the chance to pitch their ideas to potential investors. The contestants were put in a quick-paced environment similar to speed dating. Each startup was given only 5 minutes to pitch. Each round was consequently even more gruelling than the next.

The startups consisted of Orca Scuba, sim4crew, Cinetixnow, Dowhatsport, Easycity, Swipetask Pte. Ltd., Venuerific, Rachelle The Rabbit Meadery, ShopJJ, TUTOROO, Nomnomby – your favourite food nearby, CHOB Media, idata5, Safetynet Asia Pte Ltd, Creatella, Pet Widget, Luis Tyler, Hammer Studio, HackerTrail and zero1.

The investors were Ben Robinson from Agalia, Takatoshi Shibayama, Mikael Krogh from Investigate, Nick Johnston, Amitoj Sains from Arisaig Partners, Zhiying Chua from Seedplus, Martin Goh from Elite Hill Real Estate and Dominic Wilson from Pi Labs.

In conclusion, the turnout for the event was great. Although we had some minor hiccups during the event, we managed to get favourable responses from both investors and startups.

A big thank you to everyone who participated and help make this event a success. Everyone involved gave it their best, and it’s good to see that we could network and connect seamlessly through events like these.

For more information on events, drop us an email at info@district6.co or check out our events page here. Check out our next event, Networking Night – Christmas Addition, happening on 14th November, Thursday. To RSVP, click here. We look forward to seeing you there!