A Coffee with Stevenn, HappyFresh

24 November 2017

Previously, we interviewed one of the staff of HappyFresh who was one of the first few members to join District6. Today, we interviewed Stevenn, the senior group management accountant at HappyFresh.

Although Stevenn can be a little shy, he is always smiling throughout the course of his day, even when he clearly has a lot to be done.

D6: Hello Stevenn, thanks for making the time. Let’s start with talking about HappyFresh! So for those who don’t know, what is HappyFresh?

S: Hello! Well, HappyFresh is the leading grocery delivery service in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Our professionally trained personal shoppers will take care of picking the best quality items which are then delivered at your convenience, saving you time and enabling you to spend your time doing the things that matter most.

D6: What do you do for HappyFresh?

S: I’m actually the senior group management accountant. Currently we’re really focused on internal operations so it’s been really hectic for us.

D6: Senior accountant? Would that mean you can teach us some accounting?

S: Well… I would say basic accounting but I’m not too confident in teaching more than that. (laughs)

D6: That’s okay! We’re glad to know you can do it if we’d like to take it up. (laughs)

Well, maybe you can tell us some of what you’d like to achieve for yourself.

S: I would love to be proficient in the Japanese language. Working in Japan is a dream for me and being able to speak the language, would be essential.

D6: We hope that works well for you!

S: Me too. I would like to retire early if it’s possible. 

D6: Other than that, anything else about yourself?

S: On my free time, I like to play squash and volleyball!

D: Wow, that is interesting. We probably need some fun activities around here too.

For more on HappyFresh, check out their website here.

If you’d like to get some basic accounting tips or help Stevenn on his journey towards living and working in Japan, drop him a mail or check him out at LinkedIn here!