A Coffee with Darren, Safetynet Asia

24 November 2017
We sat down with Darren Gannon, the founder of Safetynet Asia. With 25 years of experience in his belt, we questioned him about his current endeavours.

We’ve been having a hectic November here at District6. Finally, we managed to spare a little time to sit down with one of our members, Darren Gannon, the founder of Safetynet Asia.

Darren is known to be proficient in the work he does and it’s no wonder that he has 25 years of experience in his belt.

D6: Good morning Darren, thanks for sitting down with us.

D: Not a problem. I could always do with a little break. (laughs)

D6: That’s true. Let’s cut to it then. What’s your company about?

D: Right to it! Safetynet is a software and data integration company that primarily focuses on visitor log and control, managing the facilities and data integration. We’re just a startup so there’s a lot that we have to do right now.

D6: Are you looking for any help in particular?

D: At the moment, we’re actually looking for a seed company.

D6: You might want to join our “Startups + Investors Speed Date” then! It’s happening on the 28th November, Tuesday.
On a different note, let’s talk about you, do you have any hobbies and interests that we might not know of?

D: Well… I’m currently all work and no play at the moment. So, I’m looking for a work life balance because that’s important. I want to be able to spend more time with my family.

D6: We feel the same way at District6.

D: It’s all about survival now! (laughs) 

For more information about Safetynet Asia, click here.
If you’re another startup and would like to have the opportunity to pitch to investors, join us at “Startups + Investors Speed Date” here.

Would you like to know more about Darren or pick at his brains for knowledge that he has over 25 years in working under the industry? Check out his LinkedIn page here or drop by District6 to have a chat with him when you can!