A Coffee with Naufal, Insitu Asia

03 November 2017
Today, we introduce to you Naufal, one of the members at District6 who is also a part of our founding company, Insitu Asia.
Naufal of Insitu Asia

Today, we are sitting down with Naufal from Insitu Asia.

Naufal is a one of the most vivacious members that we have. Many know him to be the guy who is outspoken and always has something right up his sleeves.

D6: So Naufal, we know that you’re from Insitu Asia but could you give us a short introduction of Insitu Asia to people who might not know about the company?

N: Well, to cut it short, Insitu Asia is a real estate developer and operator, mainly in hotels.

D6: So what do you do for them?

N: To sum it up, I’m the market analyst who is also in charge of marketing, sales and PR.

D6: That must be a handful!

N: I’m always up for a challenge. It’s good to always have something to do. Keeps you motivated, you know?

D6: That’s great. Generally, what direction are you guys headed towards?

N: Basically, we’re in the midst of expanding in Indonesia. We also have projects which are expected to head into Sri Lanka so that is exciting.

D6: More about yourself now. What are your hobbies and interests?

N: I have quite a number. To name a few, I’m into climbing and slacklining. I also participate in spin poi from time to time. I love music and am constantly looking to learn how to play different musical instruments.

D6: That’s really exciting. What would you say you’re planning to achieve?

N: I would love to help Insitu become a global startup, to maintain our brand standard throughout. As for my own personal goals, I would say I would love to be able to play the violin. Also, if anyone is a drummer, let me know, I’m in need of one!

So if you know a drummer or are one, give Naufal a quick shout out. He might always be up to something but if you are interested in getting to know him better, approach him and he will be more than happy to speak with you.

For more information about Insitu Asia click here.
If you’d like to network with Naufal, check out his LinkedIn page here!